Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best Selling Ladybug Gifts This Holiday Season

So many ladybug gifts...which one to choose. Here is a list of the top selling ladybug gifts this holiday season. Best of all most of these gifts are under $10!

1. Ladybugs and Hearts Mug

2. Legend of the Ladybug Christmas Ornament

3. Ladybug Nail Files

4. Bath Tub Ladybug Family

5. Good Luck Lovebug Stone

6. Lucky Ladybug Ornament

7. Ladybug Ribbon

8. Ladybug Boo Boo Strips

9. Mini Ladybug Suncatcher

10. Ladybug Salt and Pepper Shakers

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Personalized Ladybug Ornaments

The New Personalized Ladybug Ornaments make the perfect gift this holiday season. Mark this special occassion by not only adding the name of the recipeint but also the year. The Personalized Ladybug Ornament is available in the Pink Ladybug Design and the Red Ladybug Design. Order your Personalized Ladybug Ornament and other Personalized Ladybug Gifts by December 10th to ensure you receive your items before Christmas. Other fun personalized ladybug gifts include the Personalized Ladybug Door Hanger, Personalized Small Ladybug Piggy Bank, Personalized Ladybug Rocking Chair, Personalized Ladybug Wall Clock and more!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Make Your Own Ladybug Magnet

As the weather cools people are looking for more and more things to do inside. A fun afternoon project would be creating your own ladybug magnet. There are never enough magnets on the fridge so why not add a ladybug? You can use things around your home. You can repurpose old spoons, rocks, left over material, card stock paper, use your imagination. Simply stop by your craft store and pick up magnetic strip with or with out an adhesive back. Then simply cut the magnet to size and hot glue it to your ladybug. Voila! Your own ladybug magnet! Not creative? LadyBug Shop offers a variety of ladybug magnets, including a Spoonies Ladybug Magnet, Glass Ladybug Magnets, Beaded Ladybug Magnet, Ladybug Magnet by Rock Paper Scissors and more!

Fun Ladybug Game