Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladybug Girl Book Series

There is a new super-hero on the block - Ladybug Girl. Ladybug Girl is the star of a book series created by artist David Soman and his wife author Jacky Davis. They were inspired by their daughter and son. Lulu can't get anyone to pay attention or play with her so she creates her own adventures as Ladybug Girl. These beautifully told and illustrated books tell the story of an independent little girl and her friends - both human and animal. Her best friend are her basset hound Bingo and her cohort Sam (otherwise known as Bumblebee Boy). The book in the series was released in 2008. There are now at least nine books in the Ladybug Girl series and one book about just about Bumblebee Boy. The Ladybug Girl books have now reached the status of being a New York Times best seller.

As part of a digital literacy initiative from the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation one of the books in the series Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad is available now in the free We Give Books digital library.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Milford's 9th Annual Bug & Bud Festival

On Saturday, April 28 Milford, Delaware (hometown of the LadyBug Shop) will hold its 9th Annual Bug & Bud Festival. This year event goers will enjoy over 150 food and merchant vendors, downtown businesses, activities for kids, paddle boat rides on the Mispillion River and live entertainment by several local musical and dance groups.  Based on the turnout in previous years, it is anticipated that at least 10,000 people will attend the festival and enjoy beautriful downtown Milford.

The Bug & Bud Festival is a celebration of two of Milford’s most cherished symbols, the ladybug and nature. The significance of the ladybug in Delaware is tied to Milford when a local second grade class petitioned the Delaware State Legislature in 1973 to accept the ladybug as the official State Bug, Click here to read the store of the Delaware State Bug! The festival also serves as a celebration of Arbor Day and Milford’s designation as a USA Tree City.

Every year the Festival starts with a parade lead by Dan and Rhonda Bond, owners of the LadyBug Shop!

We hope you can join us for this year's celebration.  Details about the Bug & Bud Festival are available at the Downtown Milford Inc. website.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ultraslo Video of Ladybug Taking Flight

I just came across two great videos on YouTube produced by a company called Ultraslo. These are extremely slow motion films that capture all the details of a ladybug taking flight. You can view them here.
Without the use of slow motion films you can not ready see the amazing structure of a ladybug's body as she opens her elytra (the colorful shell that protects her wings) and gracefully unfolds her wings before taking off.

Ultraslo is a film production company founded by Alan Teitel, a two time Emmy Award winning cinematographer who specializes in creating unique images in slow motion and 3D.

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Fun Ladybug Game