Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Life and Happy Christmas !

 David and I are trying to breathe new life into the little shop. WE're hoping to find a new location to put the Ladybug Shop. But for now everything will continue to be online.
To that end, we have added a few new products that we hope you enjoy. We are pretty excited about them. To view the entire line, just type in V300 in the search window of our website - Once you do it will popular all of the new products.

Now to help this and the breathe that new life that I was talking about we are posting more on social media - putting out a new newsletter and searching for some new items. We are also hoping that our friends and family will help us get the message out by re-sharing and re-posting. Even you - our loyal customers could do your part and help spread the word and share our posts. You'll have our appreciation and gratitude - lol - and you might also get a discount to go along with it.

Thanks again for stopping by. 

Fun Ladybug Game