Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Christmas ladybug Lovers -
We’d like to dedicate this blog to our special friend and hand crafters – Rene Hughes. Rene, a wife and mother, from originally from South Africa, is now living in Maryland.  She has been designing and creating the majority of our ladybug, turtle and now frog, Christmas and all occasion cards for some time. When she first decided to start making cards she had no real confidence that they would sell. Little did she know that soon her cards will be the only ones available in our store – which means that they are very popular and sell very well.  If you receive our newsletter you’ll see that we are focusing on her talents and all of her Christmas cards for the next week. Each has its only special flavor and brings just a little extra something to the gifts you give.  The picture/card shown is just one of the many in our selection that Rene has made for us. If you’re interest in seeing more of Rene’s work – type the word “cards” in the search window on our website – and you’ll find her entire collection.
As a holiday treat - now through Sunday, Rene’s cards on sale for 20% off – bring the price down from $5 to $4. We encourage you to take a look and see what we see – wonderful cards created by an amazing, talented and pretty funny young woman.  One that we are proud to call friend and truly enjoy!
As always – mention this blog in the note section of your order and we’ll give you an additional 10% off your order.
Happy Christmas to all of you !! 

Christopher and David

Fun Ladybug Game