Friday, October 25, 2013

More Cool Ladybug Facts - and Ladybug Shop Info

Cool Ladybug Facts
The “lady” in ladybug refers to the Virgin Mary.
Legend has it that crops in Europe during the Middle Ages ere plagued by pests, so the farmers began praying to the Blessed Lady, the Virgin Mary. Soon the farmers started seeing ladybugs in their fields, and the crops were miraculously saved from the pests. They associated their good fortune with the black and red beetles, and so began calling them ladybug beetles. In Germany, these insects go by the name Marienkafer, which means Mary beetles.
Ladybug bleed from their knees when threatened.
A ladybug’s hemolymph is both toxic and rank. Startle a ladybug, and the foul-smelling fluid will seep from its leg joints, leaving yellow stains on the surface below. Potential predators may be deterred by the vile mix of alkaloids, and equally repulsed by the sight of a seemingly sickly beetle. Ladybug larvae can ooze from their abdomens.
To business –
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How do they fly ?

How Do Ladybug's Fly?

We all know, or most of us know, that their wings are hidden. The ladybug's hard protective colored shell, called the elytra, is actually a set of modified forewings. To fly, the ladybug opens up the elytra and unfurls a second set of delicate wings - the alae.

Wing motion - the alae move rapidly in a complex stroking motion, flapping perhaps 100 strokes or more per second. Each wing can move up and down, forward and backward. The wings are about four time as big as the ladybug itself. Ladybugs will not fly when it is below 55 degrees fahrenheit. they will, however, fly great distances to find safe places to spend the winter, preferring higher elevations.

Cool Fact Number One -

Ladybugs aren't really bugs at all; they're beetles.

Entomologically speaking, the term bugs applies to insects of the order Hemiptera. Ladybugs belong to the order Coleoptera, or beetles. Eurpeans have called these dome-backed beeles by the name ladybirds, or ladybird beetles, for more than 500 years. In America, the name ladybird was replaced with ladybug. Scientists usually prefer the common name lady beetle.

Store News -

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Ladybug Fun Facts and Deals !

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In the next few weeks we plan to offer you some interesting information about Ladybug's as well as some general information about our online line Ladybug Shop store. We hope that you find it entertaining - or at least informative. =)

We found an article that starts 10 Cool Facts about Ladybugs - Here is fact number one.

The Common Ladybug -

Typically reddish-orange, with black and white accents, the most common of our native ladybugs in Delaware is the C-9, named because of the nine spots on its back. The seven-spotted bug, introduced in the 1950's, is a non-native. It is nicknamed the C-7 for its seven spots. Both of these species are well known in Delaware as natural pest controllers. The larvae and adults feed on aphids. Ladybugs are capable of consuming up to 50 to 60 aphids per day but will also eat a variety of other insects including mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites and vaiours types of soft-bodied insects. They are harmless to plants and humans. According to the National Geographic, the Coccinellidae (ladybug family) has about 5,000 different species. They are found almost everywhere in the world.

From the Store -

In the store we are trying to cut down on few of our vendors and the number of products we carry. Therefore we have placed many items in the "Special Sale" section of our website. Basically we're doing this because a great many items have been discontinued from the vendor or have been in the store for an extended period of time. We're hoping to lower this stock so that we can bring in some new products and product lines.

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