Friday, October 25, 2013

More Cool Ladybug Facts - and Ladybug Shop Info

Cool Ladybug Facts
The “lady” in ladybug refers to the Virgin Mary.
Legend has it that crops in Europe during the Middle Ages ere plagued by pests, so the farmers began praying to the Blessed Lady, the Virgin Mary. Soon the farmers started seeing ladybugs in their fields, and the crops were miraculously saved from the pests. They associated their good fortune with the black and red beetles, and so began calling them ladybug beetles. In Germany, these insects go by the name Marienkafer, which means Mary beetles.
Ladybug bleed from their knees when threatened.
A ladybug’s hemolymph is both toxic and rank. Startle a ladybug, and the foul-smelling fluid will seep from its leg joints, leaving yellow stains on the surface below. Potential predators may be deterred by the vile mix of alkaloids, and equally repulsed by the sight of a seemingly sickly beetle. Ladybug larvae can ooze from their abdomens.
To business –
We’re continuing to mark down product and product lines throughout the online store. Many items have been discontinued or we just have too many. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we’re passing a savings along to our customers. Most items are marked to 50 – 60 -70% off – some as low as COST. We have placed these items in the “Special Sale” section on our website ( you can also find many items in the “Items $5 or less” category. Between now and Christmas we hope to clear these items from our website and bring in new and exciting Ladybug – Turtle and Frog merchandise. So keep and eye out for additional sales and percentages off.
We’ve had some customers call us with problems using our website – if you are trying to place an order and seem to be having difficulties – please call us at 302.422.5470 and we’ll take your order over the phone. Also – we can’t have our website company fix the problem if we don’t know what it is. So your comments would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
As Thanksgiving and Black Friday are approaching we’re doing our best to get ready for the Christmas shopping season. The best thing we can tell you all is to BREATHE – be joyous and merry !!! =)
Have a GREAT day and be lucky – and thanks for catching the bug !
Christopher and David
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