Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More cool facts about Ladybugs

Ladybugs practice cannibalism
If food is scarce, ladybugs will do what they must to survive, even if it means eating each other. A hungry ladybug will make a meal of any soft-bodied sibling it encounters. Newly emerged adults or recently molted larvae are soft enough for the average ladybug to chew. Eggs or pupas also provide protein to a ladybug that has run out of aphids.

Ladybug adults hibernate, usually gathering in large groups.
As days get shorter and temperatures fall, ladybugs seek shelter behind bark, under leavers or in other protected locations, taking advantage of the collective warmth of a colony. Asian multicolored ladybugs, in invasive species in North America, have earned a reputation as a home invader. These beetles tend to move indoors for winter, where they can become a nuisance in people’s houses. Convergent ladybugs gather in the mountains in such numbers that collectors can scoop them up by the bucket full.

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