Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from the LadyBug Shop!

Happy Holidays from the LadyBug Shop!
Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you for being our wonderful customer. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year. In the new year look forward to new and exciting ladybug and turtle items, in store events and much more!

- Dan & Rhonda Bond and Zoe Stewart

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Delaware Today honors downtown Milford Business Women

We are delighted that Delaware's leading magazine, Delaware Today recognized the efforts of a group of women in Milford whose businesses have helped restore the vitality and charm of downtown Milford. These five women, including Rhonda Bond, co-owner of the LadyBug Shop and Turtle Treasures, were selected as honorees in the magazine's annual Women in Business feature. In addition to Rhonda (first on the left in the accompanaying photo) were Teri Carter of EcoChic Boutique, Michiko Seto of Blooming Boutique, Leigh Minor Nagy of Minorbird and Gail Angelucci of Angelucci Fine Woodworking & Stained Glass Studios. The magazine also recognized these and other leading Delaware business women with a wonderful luncheon in Wilmington last Thursday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale at the LadyBug Shop

The Cyber Monday Sale at the LadyBug Shop is fantastic! Spend over $50 at or use Promotional Code SAVENOW and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Plus All Personalized Gifts are 10% OFF Today Only! Take advantage of this Special Sale while it lasts!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Visit the LadyBug Shop in Downtown Milford, Delaware on November 27th from 10AM-3PM. Save up to 40% OFF of Holiday Decor. Be sure to shop small businesses on Saturday November 27th!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Circle of Light Holiday Fundraiser

Join us for the Circle of Light Holiday Fundraiser at the LadyBug Shop on Saturday December 4th from 10AM-2PM. Circle of Light is a local non profit corporation that provides temporary space and support to women threatened by homelessness. While offering education in simple life skills and resource opportunities promoting self sufficiency.
20% of each sale in the LadyBug Shop on December 4th will be donated to the Circle of Light. If you would like to contact Circle of Light or make a donation please send correspondence to PO Box 35 Milford, DE 19963 or

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ladybug Everything

At the LadyBug Shop we carry Ladybug Everything! Well almost everything...we currently carry over 500 unique ladybug gifts. At the LadyBug Shop you can find something for your wife, best friend, sister, daughter, son, husband, and if the luck of the ladybug is with you, and you are really lucky something for your mother in law.
Not only do we carry lots of ladybugs but we carry lots of Turtle Treasures and now have a Turtle Everything site with turtles for everyone in the family. In the store in Downtown Milford, Delaware we are carrying other unique gifts as well, we have an entire section of personalized gifts that are adorable including everything from purple bows and ballet slippers to frogs and dinosaurs. Stop into the LadyBug Shop to view our expanding line of gifts from Stephen Joseph, Melissa and Doug, Franz, Boston Warehouse, Bearington Bear Collection and unique gifts by local artisans.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Shipping for a Limited Time

Free Shipping Special at the LadyBug Shop & Turtle Treasures for a limited time.
Free Shipping for Orders over $50 and only $7.99 Shipping for orders under $50
Please use Promotion Code SAVENOW when you checkout

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Ladybug Cook Set by Stephen Joseph

Just arrived at the LadyBug Shop is the New Ladybug Cook Set by Stephen Joseph is the perfect gift for the aspiring chef. Mix up a batch of pancakes or sugar cookies with this dishwasher safe ladybug bowl and wooden spoon. Roll out your sugar cookies using the rolling pin to make the perfect ladybug. Purchase your Ladybug Cook Set by Stephen Joseph at the LadyBug Shop, or purchase the Turtle Cook Set by Stephen Joseph at Turtle Treasures.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Ladybug Race Video Game

When the grand kids visit us it is an almost full time job keeping them occupied. So I was delighted to come across a free and very cute ladybug video game that I think might keep the little ones (say ages three to six) engrossed for at least five minutes. This is a ladybug race (actually named "Ladybird Racing"--I guess the designer is British) that takes some concentration and good eye hand coordination, but is not very difficult to learn to play.
There are six other free ladybug games on this website Tom's Games -as well as over 8,000 other free video games. (Think I can keep the grand kids occupied for half an hour?) View LadyBug Shop's entire collection of ladybug toys to keep your grandchildren busy. Fun ladybug gifts include the Ladybug Puzzle, Ladybug Wind Up Toy, Ladybug Stencils and many more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Ladybug Facts at National Geographic

National Geographic has a wonderful website with facts on all different kinds of animals and insects. So of course I had to look for the ladybug! National Geographic has a wonderful fact and picture section on the ladybug here. There is even a Ladybug eCard that you cand send to all of your friends, and a map to tell you where ladybugs live. Be sure to check out our collection of fun ladybug facts and ladybug fantasies at Learn fun ladybug facts such as ladybugs are good luck, there are 5,000 different species of ladybugs, and much more!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady GaGa trumps Ladybugs

By now I expect that most Internet users have heard or tried Google's new instant search capability. (If you haven't, do a Google search using Chrome, Mozilla or most other web browsers). When you do a search, Google predicts what your query will be as you are typing and shows results immediately. As you type each successive letter in the search box, new results appear. Google feels that this helps to speed up the search process, giving people the results they want in half the time it took in the past. In theory this should mean that people will have to spend less time searching and thus can spend more time digesting the information that they are trying to find.

Or will it? When I first tried the new instant search, I found I was looking at the results as they popped up on the screen, with can be a bit distracting. It can also lead to a lot of meandering, as your focus can be lost as you get diverted to new web content. My first test was intended to see how instant search performed when I typed in the search term "ladybugs". When I typed "l" there immediately popped up pages on Loews stores. When I next typed "a" up popped pages for Lands' End stores. No problem, these were not what I was looking for and they were not distracting. But when I next typed in "d" photos and entries for Lady Gaga appeared -- and I veered off course! I had heard about Lady Gaga, but being in my 60s I really knew nothing about her and when she suddenly was thrust into my field of view I was diverted into clicking on some of the pages that appeared and I quickly learned all I wanted to know about her. But this was after I had used up much more time than I had saved with Google's new innovation.
Back on track after my trip into Gaga land, I typed in "y" and delighted to find that the first references to appear were all for ladybugs. (Even better was the appearance of the LadyBug Shop entry in first place!) So I can agree with Google that their instant search saved me the time of typing the rest of my initial search term "ladybugs" before getting relevant results. (Note, however, that with a traditional Google search the first result you get when you type in "ladybugs" is the Wikipedia entry for Coccinellidae, the scientific name for the family of beetles commonly called ladybugs. As is usually the case, Wikipedia is a great starting place to learn about almost anything.)
My conclusion is that Google's new instant search is a useful feature, but if you really want to save time, you have to concentrate and avoid being diverted into wandering into the many fascinating side streets available on the World Wide Web.

If you are a ladybug fan and want something to go "ga-ga" about, take a look a this cute new Ladybug Costume.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ladybug Zoobie & Tama Tortoise Zoobie Demonstration

View how to play, love and use your adorable Zoobie by watching this video. The Lily Ladybug Zoobie, Tama Tortoise Zoobie, and Baby Tama Tortoise Zoobie are one of our Best Selling Items and definitely a kids favorite!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Ladybug Cross Stitch Patterns

I have always been envious of people who have the talent to sew, quilt, embroider, crochet or do cross stitching. I dream of someday having the time to learn some of the skills needed to try these myself. In the meantime, I gather ideas and patterns and store them away.

If you like to spend your time in these creative pursuits, your might want to visit the blog of Caterina Mezzapelle, a young lady from the south of Italy. Her blog caught my eye when I came across a her recent posting of a list of sites where you can find free cross-stitch patterns of ladybugs. My favorite is the one shown here:
This ladybug cross stitch pattern framed would make a wonderful gift for any ladybug lover. But if you are like me, limited on time, visit for a large variety of ladybug gifts.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Sisters on the Fly" Ladybug & Turtle Camper

The Sisters on the Fly is a group of adventurous women from all over the country that travel around in vintage campers. This ladybug & daisies camper created by one of the sisters is the winner in my book! Also created was a sea turtle inspired camper which features sea life and a mermaid painted on a bright blue camper. You can't miss these vintage campers coming down the road. View all of the unique refurbished vintage campers at Sisters on the Fly. Take a look at their traveling list which includes a Cornbread Festival, Chicago, NJ and more! These Sisters truely know how to have a good time. Like their Facebook page to learn more about the group of visit them online. For fun camper decorations visit LadyBug Shop for string lights, curtains, decor and more!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladybug Quilt Block to Make Your Own Perosonalized Quilt

The Ladybug Quilt Block featured at HowStuffWorks gives you step by step instructions on how to make your own personalized ladybug quilt block. Making your own ladybug quilt gives you the option to make red ladybugs, pink ladybugs or an assortment of colored ladybugs to match your decor. Making a quilt for your favorite ladybug lover will be a gift she keeps forever and will have special sentimental value every time she wraps up in the ladybug quilt. Click here for a Free Ladybug Quilt Pattern.
No time to make a quilt? LadyBug Shop has several ladybug comforters that feature appliqu├ęd ladybugs. View our entire collection of ladybug bedding sets and accessories.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Website Launch

If you have visited LadyBug Shop or Turtle Treasures yesterday or today you may have asked your self what is going on?  We have updated both of our websites to make them more user friendly for our customers. Thanks to owner John McKown and computer genius Patti Laurion both LadyBug Shop and Turtle Treasures websites have gone significant changes to make the online shopping experience just as wonderful as coming into the store.

We would highly recommend using if you too are considering your own website or need a website make over. Please email us your questions or comments of the new site.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wonder How to Draw a Cartoon Ladybug?

Have you ever wondered how to draw a cartoon ladybug? You would think the task would be simple but if you are like me, my ladybug turned out looking like a polka dotted circle. Watch this video to see how to draw a cartoon ladybug.
Purchase the Ladybug Doodle Pad drawing pad or the Ladybug Artfolio by Stephen Joseph to give your ladybug a special place to draw.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ladybug Intersection

STOP! Who wouldn't want to stop to see this giant ladybug?

If you are driving through Wallingford, a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, you might find yourself confronting a giant ladybug. A neighborhood group painted a residential intersection there in 2006 with a beautiful and colorful ladybug. View Full Story Here. Each year they get together to refresh the painting. You can see it clearly using the satellite view in Google Maps. And photographic record of the ladybug painting project is available here.

What next? Another intersection in Wallingford is scheduled to be painted with a turtle design. What a great idea! Visit for great ladybug gifts and for unique turtle gifts.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ladybug Baby Shower Gifts

It is said that in the past the Swiss told their children that new babies arrived via the ladybug, so why not give the expectant parents a cute little ladybug to welcome their baby into the world. LadyBug Shop carries nearly 100 unique ladybug baby shower gifts.

Our most popular baby shower gifts are the Personalized Ladybug Name Plaque, Ladybug Swaddle Blanket, Mary Meyer Pink Ladybug Baby Blanket, Twilight Ladybug Nightlight, and the Little Ladybug 12 Piece Crib Set.  The Little Ladybug 12 Piece Crib Set includes a Ladybug Crib Comforter, Ladybug Bumper, Polka Dot Fitted Sheet, Dust Ruffle, Ladybug Diaper Stacker, Toy Bag, Decorative Ladybug Pillow, 2 Ladybug Valances, Ladybug Lamp Shade, Ladybug Musical Mobile and a Ladybug Changing Pad.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hoboken Turtle Club

I recently came across a fascinating history of what may have been America's oldest social club - the Hoboken Turtle Club. You can read the story here. Founded in 1796 the club's original purpose was to control the turtle population along the shore of Hoboken, on the Hudson River. Their chosen way to achieve this end was to eat the turtles, primarily in the form of turtle soup. The club was founded by John Stevens, a former Captain in George Washington’s Continental army. Among its early members were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Aaron Burr and Henry Clay. The club continued to function until the late 1930s, although its name was changed to the New York Turtle Club in 1892.
So what does turtle soup taste like? Here is how one member in 1887 described the experience: “ … you lay aside all earthly thoughts, forgive all your enemies, and forget all your creditors and put a teaspoon full of it into your mouth. Then you remove the spoon and shut your eyes, and your soul, on the wings of sensuous thought, passes outward into lotus land, and for a time you are lost in a dream that is so still, so perfect, and so all absorbing that you wish, lazily and sadly, it might never end.”

Surprisingly, too much turtle in turtle soup can spoil the taste, as the meat is so rich. According to one of the club’s most famous cooks, the main ingredients were vegetables including: potatoes, turnips, cabbage, radishes, peas, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and cauliflower. Of course there were some other “secret” ingredients that he refused to divulge.

Fortunately for the turtle population in the United States, in most jurisdictions making turtle soup is illegal because many species of turtles are now considered endangered, and cannot be legally captured or killed. Turtle populations cannot quickly recover from the loss of a breeding adult, thus, killing these turtles to make soup can depress populations below sustainable levels.

The motto of the Hoboken Turtle Club was: “As we journey through life, let us live by the way."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A unique collection of ladybug gifts, turtle gifts and more!

At the LadyBug Shop we are always looking for high quality, unique gifts at a great price. We carry a unique collection of ladybug gifts, turtle gifts and more!The newest items added to the LadyBug Shop's assortment of gifts are a collection of metal decor by Regal Art. Our favorite is a metal Large Ladybug Welcome Sign to display outside or in your foyer to Welcome guests into your home or garden. The artistic metal sign by Regal Art features speckled paint accents and 2D ladybugs and flowers.

Other artisitc metal decor by Regal Art include the Welcome Butterfly Sign, Ladybug Windchime, Sea Turtle Windchime, Set of 3 Sea Turtle Metal Wall Decor and much more!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Card - Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Whenever our favorite ladybug lover, Rhonda, has a birthday we try to make it extra special by incorporating ladybugs into the card or gift. Here is a great idea on how to make your own paper Ladybug Card, but if you are like me and in a hurry Rene from Bella Art makes these beautiful Happy Birthday Ladybug Cards for the LadyBug Shop.

Stop by LadyBug Shop this week to wish our favorite ladybug & owner of the LadyBug Shop Rhonda Bond a very Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Personalized Gifts at LadyBug Shop

LadyBug Shop is now offering all of our handpainted Personalized Gifts in the Butterfly Design, Pastel Butterfly Design and Dragonflies Design. Personalized Gifts make the perfect baby shower gift or birthday gift at any age. The most popular Personalized Items are the Personalized Name Plaque and Personalized Jewelry Armoire. The Personalized Jewerly Armoire is the perfect place to keep all of your jewelry organized. Open the "special" drawer and listen to the armoire play "It's A Small World."
Pictured above is the Pastel Butterfly Jewelry Armoire

Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight Ladybug & Twilight Turtle & Twilight Sea Turtle Nightlight

Preview the Twilight Ladybug Nightlight by Cloud B in this video. Still one of our best selling items the Twilight Ladybug Nighlight, Twilight Turtle Nightlight and Twilight Sea Turtle Nightlight continue to please children of all ages.  The Twilight Nightlights by Cloud B make bedtime fun and helps ease children’s fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto their bedroom ceiling and walls. It even has a 45 minute automatic switch off. The nightlight features a book to locate the constellations. It requires 3AAA batteries which are included.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is planning on having a wonderful and relaxing weekend! LadyBug Shop is having a huge sale on some of our best selling items, children's items and more!

Sale Ends June 5th

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Live Cheap Make Ladybug Art

Live Cheap and Make Art is a wonderful website and blog created by husband and wife team Bob & Rosemary Connely. Bob is a photographer, retired firefighter and high school photo teacher. Rosemary is a watercolorist, graphic designer, visual artist. Born in NYC, they lived in Phx, AZ from 1973-2005 until they made the decision to move to Italy for two years to explore and document all of the wonderful things Italy has to offer. Bob & Rosemary recently moved to Milford, DE and joined the Mispillion Art League in Downtown Milford. Visit the Art League to view their artwork and photography, or take a class from Rosemary! Pictured below is a photography taken by Bob of a ladybug on a golden yellow flower.
Join us all May 22nd for the Riverwalk Arts & Jazz Festival to listen to wonderful music and be inspired by beautiful art work. Visit the LadyBug Shop during the event for a special sale.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ladybug Collector LaVerne Goes Ladybug Crazy

Ladybug Collector LaVerne goes Ladybug Crazy in her Ladybug Room. The Ladybug Room is decorated in ladybug everything! Including, Ladybug Toys, Ladybug Apparel, Ladybug Garden Items and much more! Visit her website here and see all of the unique ladybugs she has already collected. Share your pictures of your ladybug collection with us by email or on Facebook.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ladybug Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your mother how much you care.Purchase from a large selection of ladybug gifts to give on Mother's Day. One of our favorite picks for Mother's Day Gifts is the Stained Glass Ladybug Frame. Add a picture of you and your mom to make the gift even more special. Other Mother's Day Gifts that are great to give include the Susie Seedsmore Bearington Bear, Mother & Baby Sea Turtle Necklace, Fuzzy Ladybug Slippers and much more!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Downtown Milford's Bug & Bud Festival

Come out to Downtown Milford's 7th Annual Bug & Bud Festival for a day full of some buggy fun!
Saturday April 24th from 9AM - 4PM

Start off the day by being part of the Ladybug Parade. The parade starts at 9:30AM at the parking lot adjacent to the Riverwalk at the corner of SW Front & Church Streets. Follow the walking parade down to the center of town for an official kick off to the celebration. Best ladybug costume and best tree costume win a $100 prize.

Then stop by the LadyBug Shop for a fun Chalk Art Contest. Winners of their age group will win a gift certificate. Enjoy our Sidewalk Sale, Free Bug & Bud Tattoos, Exclusive "Love That Lady" T Shirts & "Cute as a Bug" T Shirts, but most importantly pick up your FREE Live Ladybugs!

Other activities include a Children's Area, Ladybug Paddle Boats, Arts & Crafts Vendors along the Riverwalk, food vendors and much more! And when 4 o'clock rolls around and you are still going...head over to the Jazz Concert by the library.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Party Ideas

There are probably thousands of ideas online on how to have a ladybug birthday party, so I only like to post the really fantastic ideas. I came across LifesEventful Blog which is a blog by a wedding planner, who created a fabulous ladybug birthday party for her daughter's first birthday. You can view all of the different images to get some wonderful ideas! I have made the tissue paper pompoms before and they are so cheap and easy to make but look fantastic.
I also recently made these adorable Ladybug Invitations. Idea courtesy of the theTinCats Blog. These easy ladybug invitations only took me about five minutes to make after I gathered all of my supplies. Using a paper punch was much easier, instead of making a circle with a marker or paint.

For Ladybug Birthday favors LadyBug Shop offers several cheap ladybug favors for $5 or less. The Ladybug Lip Gloss is my favorite! All of the little girls that come into the store cannot leave without a ladybug lip gloss. Finish off the accessories with great ladybug party supplies including red ladybug paper plates and napkins to have a great Ladybug Birthday Party. Have great birthday party ideas? Or found a blog or website that features great ladybug birthday party ideas? Email them to us so we can pass it along.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mozilla Firefox New Ladybug Design

The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser has just added a new list of graphics for the personalization feature on their browser. Now you can select from thousands of different images and designs to "decorate" the top of your web screen. And of course they did a new ladybug design that is adorable. The Daisies and Ladybugs Design is under the Nature category. I downloaded it on mine and love it! Love ladybugs like us at the LadyBug Shop? Be sure to check out all of the new ladybug gifts added monthly to LadyBug Shop's collection of ladybug gifts!

Fun Ladybug Game