Friday, July 23, 2010

Wonder How to Draw a Cartoon Ladybug?

Have you ever wondered how to draw a cartoon ladybug? You would think the task would be simple but if you are like me, my ladybug turned out looking like a polka dotted circle. Watch this video to see how to draw a cartoon ladybug.
Purchase the Ladybug Doodle Pad drawing pad or the Ladybug Artfolio by Stephen Joseph to give your ladybug a special place to draw.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ladybug Intersection

STOP! Who wouldn't want to stop to see this giant ladybug?

If you are driving through Wallingford, a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, you might find yourself confronting a giant ladybug. A neighborhood group painted a residential intersection there in 2006 with a beautiful and colorful ladybug. View Full Story Here. Each year they get together to refresh the painting. You can see it clearly using the satellite view in Google Maps. And photographic record of the ladybug painting project is available here.

What next? Another intersection in Wallingford is scheduled to be painted with a turtle design. What a great idea! Visit for great ladybug gifts and for unique turtle gifts.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ladybug Baby Shower Gifts

It is said that in the past the Swiss told their children that new babies arrived via the ladybug, so why not give the expectant parents a cute little ladybug to welcome their baby into the world. LadyBug Shop carries nearly 100 unique ladybug baby shower gifts.

Our most popular baby shower gifts are the Personalized Ladybug Name Plaque, Ladybug Swaddle Blanket, Mary Meyer Pink Ladybug Baby Blanket, Twilight Ladybug Nightlight, and the Little Ladybug 12 Piece Crib Set.  The Little Ladybug 12 Piece Crib Set includes a Ladybug Crib Comforter, Ladybug Bumper, Polka Dot Fitted Sheet, Dust Ruffle, Ladybug Diaper Stacker, Toy Bag, Decorative Ladybug Pillow, 2 Ladybug Valances, Ladybug Lamp Shade, Ladybug Musical Mobile and a Ladybug Changing Pad.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hoboken Turtle Club

I recently came across a fascinating history of what may have been America's oldest social club - the Hoboken Turtle Club. You can read the story here. Founded in 1796 the club's original purpose was to control the turtle population along the shore of Hoboken, on the Hudson River. Their chosen way to achieve this end was to eat the turtles, primarily in the form of turtle soup. The club was founded by John Stevens, a former Captain in George Washington’s Continental army. Among its early members were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Aaron Burr and Henry Clay. The club continued to function until the late 1930s, although its name was changed to the New York Turtle Club in 1892.
So what does turtle soup taste like? Here is how one member in 1887 described the experience: “ … you lay aside all earthly thoughts, forgive all your enemies, and forget all your creditors and put a teaspoon full of it into your mouth. Then you remove the spoon and shut your eyes, and your soul, on the wings of sensuous thought, passes outward into lotus land, and for a time you are lost in a dream that is so still, so perfect, and so all absorbing that you wish, lazily and sadly, it might never end.”

Surprisingly, too much turtle in turtle soup can spoil the taste, as the meat is so rich. According to one of the club’s most famous cooks, the main ingredients were vegetables including: potatoes, turnips, cabbage, radishes, peas, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and cauliflower. Of course there were some other “secret” ingredients that he refused to divulge.

Fortunately for the turtle population in the United States, in most jurisdictions making turtle soup is illegal because many species of turtles are now considered endangered, and cannot be legally captured or killed. Turtle populations cannot quickly recover from the loss of a breeding adult, thus, killing these turtles to make soup can depress populations below sustainable levels.

The motto of the Hoboken Turtle Club was: “As we journey through life, let us live by the way."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A unique collection of ladybug gifts, turtle gifts and more!

At the LadyBug Shop we are always looking for high quality, unique gifts at a great price. We carry a unique collection of ladybug gifts, turtle gifts and more!The newest items added to the LadyBug Shop's assortment of gifts are a collection of metal decor by Regal Art. Our favorite is a metal Large Ladybug Welcome Sign to display outside or in your foyer to Welcome guests into your home or garden. The artistic metal sign by Regal Art features speckled paint accents and 2D ladybugs and flowers.

Other artisitc metal decor by Regal Art include the Welcome Butterfly Sign, Ladybug Windchime, Sea Turtle Windchime, Set of 3 Sea Turtle Metal Wall Decor and much more!

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