Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello Everyone –


Last weekend we took a road trip to Sarasota – it was about an hour away. Our intent was to see the city – visit some shops and get some ideas. And boy did we !!! We found a few shops that we decided to emulate. By doing this it would mean that we would have to bring in some local artists, increase the quality of our product lines and fine some new inventory that would help take us to the next level. Unfortunately or Fortunately – however you want to look at it, we’re going to have to decrease the inventory we have now so that – 1. we’re able to utilize our valuable retail space 2. turn our shop into something more then a “kids shop” 3. attract a high clientele.


Yes, it is wonderful when people walk into the shop and say “What a cute shop” or “you have such cute things” but it hit home when we had a customer come in and say “Oh – you’re a kids shop”. Out goal was, and is still, to be a gift store that carries items for the Garden, the Home, Jewelry, and items for Adults and for Children.  It made us take a look at the product lines that we have and the length of time that they’ve been hanging around. So – we took out our BIG RED MARKER and started to pick and chose which vendors could stay and which ones had to go. If you look on our website you’ll find that we’ve slashed prices on 10 different product lines and plan to discontinue the lines all together. YES, we’ll still have items for Children, just not so much. AND, hopefully some better items, ones that will give the shop a NEW and FRESH LOOK.


So Ladybug, Turtle and Frog lovers – stay tuned !!! New things are coming.

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