Friday, January 29, 2010

Lily the Ladybug Zoobie Award

Lily the Ladybug Zoobie has been awarded the seal of approval from Ellie and Melissa from the The Baby Planners is an incredible site for moms to be! Lily the Ladybug Zoobie is a three in one toy, pillow or blanket.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ladybug Valentine's Day Gifts

LadyBug Shop offers several ladybug Valentine's Day Gifts for all of your favorite lovebugs! We have recently added several new ladybug Valentine's Day Gifts including the "I Love You" Ladybug Mailbox, Bearington Bear Love Bug, and Pink Rosebuds Ladybug Candle.

On Special Sale are the Love That Lady Ladybug Shirt for only $8.99 and the Cute as a Bug Ladybug Shirt for $7.99.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Ladybug Company - Elite Ladybug Events

Looking for someone with a little bit of "ladybug flair" to plan your next event? Try E.L.E. Elite Ladybug Events. Elite Ladybug Events are a premiere company that specializes in creating uniquely, classic events. Marianne's goal is to take all the stress and unknowns away, so that you can truly enjoy your special day.

They understand that planning an event can quickly become overwhelming, stressful and a full time job. The ladybug team can help you with every aspect of your event, from the first design idea to the coordination of your special day, all while staying within your budget.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ladybug Pin Cushion Craft Project

Have a little bit of extra time? A few pieces of scrap material? Make this adorable little Ladybug Pin Cushion. This craft is courtesy of Natalie Zee Drieu on

LadyBug Shop features several items that are crafted by
artisits. Including Crafty Baby, New Hand Painted Tiles, Gourds made in Peru, and a helmet transformed into a ladybug! If you have a fun ladybug craft project be sure to post it here, to share with other ladybug lovers!

Fun Ladybug Game