Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Ladybug Gift Box

Do It Yourself Ladybug Gift Box by NuNu Toolies is an easy to do adorable craft. The Ladybug Gift Box is perfect for birthday party favors, baby shower favors, small Valentine's Day Gifts and much more! Click here for instructions.

No time to make your own ladybug gift box? LadyBug Shop carries the Ladybug & Hearts Candy Gift Box. We also carry a large line of Ladybug Party Supplies, Valentine's Day Gifts and more!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to the LadyBug Shop

Welcome to the LadyBug Shop! We hope you enjoy our large selection of ladybug gifts, ladybug home decor, ladybug baby gifts, ladybug garden decor, ladybug accessories, ladybug collectibles, ladybug toys, ladybug jewelry -- almost any type of ladybug merchandise you can imagine! Click here to read the story behind the LadyBug Shop.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Whimsical Ladybug Thermometer Now in Stock

The Whimsy Ladybug Thermometer can be mounted on the stake or mounted on a wall. The metal ladybug measures approximately 10" in diameter. Weather resistant this ladybug will add function and fun to any patio or garden! Minimal assembly required.

The Ladybug Thermometer is now in Stock and is a must have to add to your outdoor decor.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ladybug Valentine's Day Gifts at the LadyBug Shop

The LadyBug Shop & Turtle Treasures offer a special selection of unique ladybug gifts & turtle gifts especially for your favorite lovebug ladybug for Valentine's Day!

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One of my favorite gifts this season is the Dad/Grandpa Ladybug Mug with hearts. The adorable ladybug and hearts mug reads,

"You are very special, You are kind as can be, There's no one in the world, who loves you more than me! XOXO"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Personalized Rocking Chair on the "O" List

Our Personalized Items at the LadyBug Shop are handpainted by local artist Michele Keens, Owner of My Bambino. These superb gifts are keepsake treasures. The Little Childrens' Personalized Rocking Chair is sized just right for children ages 1-6. Canadian crafted of solid maple. Sure to be used and then treasured beyond childhood. The Personalized Rocking Chair comes fully assembled. Several different designs are available on the Classic White Rocking Chair.

This item was recently listed on Oprah's Must Have Gifts List, better known as the "O" List!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Ladybug Luck to the Second Graders in North Dakota

The LadyBug Shop--and we expect all ladybug lovers--hope that the kids in Tamara McKeiley's second grade class are successful in their effort to get the state legislature of North Dakota to honor the ladybug by declaring it the state's official insect.
We think they have a great case, especially given their focus on the beneficial impact of ladybugs on the state's agriculture. If their effort is successful North Dakota will join the states of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennesee is so honoring our favorite insect. See for a list of all the official stat insects.

The story of how the ladybug became Delaware's official state bug in 1973 is related in photos and records on the LadyBug Shop website.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Where do ladybugs go in the winter?

Ladybugs have relatively long life spans compared to many insects. The go through their remarkable transformation from egg to larvae to pupa to adult in about one month, but they can live for a couple of years as an adult. Thus they have to adapt to all the seasons of the year.

Have you ever wondered where ladybugs go in the winter?

Insects are cold-blooded. This means their bodies are roughly the same temperature as their surroundings. And when the temperature drops below freezing it can be deadly for insects unless they can find a way to adjust.
Ladybugs usually survive the cold by hibernating. When the temperature drops their body functions slow down and they go to sleep, not to wake again until it gets warmer. But they also seek shelter to reduce their exposure to the cold. They often hide under bark or leaves or find crevices in trees or rock. And they like to gather in clusters for additional protection. These ladybug clusters can consist of just a few ladybugs or thousands of them. How they find each other and what determines the size and location of a cluster are interesting questions. Scientists have studied this behavior and come to . some interesting conclusions. Click here to read their conclusions. 

Ladybug also can survive the cold winter by inviting themselves into homes. While a few ladybug guests can be a pleasant surprise, a few thousand at a time can be a little much. If you want to rid yourself of these uninvited guests you may want to try these non-toxic ladybug removal methods. A nice way to store a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water to help with the de-ladybugging process is in a Mollie Ladybug Spray Bottle,

Fun Ladybug Game