Friday, January 30, 2015

Fantastic Friday -

This is going to be easy - mention this blog post in the note section of your order and (today only) we'll give you 35% Off your entire order, not including shipping. All discounts will be giving in the shop at the point of sale.

Which brings me to a good point. We have just recently had a few issues with discounts on orders. On ALL of our posts - either here, on Facebook or in our Newsletter, we state that ALL discounts will be taken in the store at the point of sale. Our website, unfortunately doesn't allow us to set up savings to our customers. It also doesn't charge your credit card until the point of sale in the shop. This is where we try to get around the archaic systems of our website. Once we create your sale in the shop - THAT - is where we place the discounts offered. The reasoning behind asking you to post a certain message in the note section is so that we're able to track where you saw the discount and how best to reach the masses.

We hope that this helps. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO check out our website - - remember to mention this post and receive your 35% OFF

Be lucky and Well.

Christopher and David

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trivia Thursday

The LadyBug Shop (LBS) began as a “Click and Mortar” business, started by Dan and Rhonda Bond, For 9 years they have successfully built the LadyBug Shop into a respected and unique shop in Milford, DE.

The LBS has a great history in Milford and is genuinely bound to the city.  It is tied into the town’s history—after all, it was a second grade class at a local school that had come up with the idea of having a state bug and had petitioned the State Legislature to act on this back in 1973.

In 2012 we, Christopher and David, began working with Rhonda in preparation to take the reigns of the LBS. We have since learned all about the shop – its customers and how we hope best to serve them. As we began to move forward in 2013, we were excited about bringing in new product lines, giving the inside of the LBS a face lift, and expanding our reach out into the community and online. Unfortunately, and after some hard soul searching, we had to close the retail aspect of the LadyBug Shop.

It is 2014 now and we have moved out of the Delaware area and starting a new journey in Madeira Beach, FL!  Still focusing our efforts toward the ONLINE portion of our business, we have found a NEW retail space and we are open for business once again. It is still our hope to be more involved throughout this new community and with state and national organizations, inviting them and those throughout the world to visit our online store and come visit us in Madeira Beach, FL!

We are interested, and looking forward to hearing from you about what you’d like to see here online and in the new LadyBug Shop & Turtle Treasures - thereby creating the most positive shopping experience we can offer YOU.

A ladybug's bright colors warn predators to stay away.
Like many other insects, ladybugs use aposematic coloration to signal their toxicity to would-be predators. Insect-eating birds and other animals learn to avoid meals that come in red and black, and are more likely to steer clear of a ladybug lunch.

Thank you for your past loyalty and to show our appreciation we would like to offer you an additional 10% off your already discounted purchase. Just type the word Blog in the note section of your order and we’ll handle the rest. All discounts will be taken in the store at the point of sale.

Thank you again and be lucky.

Christopher and David

Fun Ladybug Game