Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Ladybug Cross Stitch Patterns

I have always been envious of people who have the talent to sew, quilt, embroider, crochet or do cross stitching. I dream of someday having the time to learn some of the skills needed to try these myself. In the meantime, I gather ideas and patterns and store them away.

If you like to spend your time in these creative pursuits, your might want to visit the blog of Caterina Mezzapelle, a young lady from the south of Italy. Her blog caught my eye when I came across a her recent posting of a list of sites where you can find free cross-stitch patterns of ladybugs. My favorite is the one shown here:
This ladybug cross stitch pattern framed would make a wonderful gift for any ladybug lover. But if you are like me, limited on time, visit for a large variety of ladybug gifts.

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