Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ladybug Books For All Ages!

The LadyBug Shop features ladybug themed books for all ages! For beginning readers ages up to three, we carry the Mary Meyer Soft Book. For ages three and up the Set of Three Touchable Counting Books is a great way to get your little one counting with monkeys, stars and ladybugs! The Grouchy Ladybug, is our most popular book and is wonderful for ages five and up! Each page gets a little larger and features a clock at the top of the page to teach your child how to tell time! The ladybug in the story starts out not using her manners but by the end says "please and thank you" and is a well mannered ladybug! Shaoey and Dot is a wonderful story written by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, about a young oriental child that is befriended by a ladybug and soon discovers the joys of being adopted by a family. This book is fabulous! The first time I read it I needed a tissue box!

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