Friday, October 19, 2007

Every Grandparents Dilemma

Every grandparents dilemma—if you have a little granddaughter and a little grandson, you can’t buy something for one without buying something for the other one.

When our little grandson was born we thought about how much fun we have had with Madison and introducing her to ladybugs. As we stroll along the Mispillion Riverwalk we love watching the turtles sun bathe on the banks of the river and talked about how turtles might be a nice addition to the shop—thus Ladybug Shop and Turtles Too. We are now actively looking for both ladybug and turtle products as we attend the gift shows.

Our grandson lives in Savannah and we plan to visit soon. You can bet “Granddaddy” will have several packages with cute little turtles to start introducing Dorian to the turtle.

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