Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why are Ladybugs so Lucky?

Why are Ladybugs so Lucky?

The Luck of the Ladybug is known all across the world. But what is so lucky about a ladybug? Many cultures believe the sight of a ladybug means future luck in love, good weather, a financial windfall or the granting of wishes. Having a ladybug land on you is supposedly to be particularly lucky.

Folklore suggests if you catch a Ladybug in your home, count the number of spots and that's how many dollars you'll soon find.
More than likely ladybugs were thought to be of good luck because of their usefulness in gardening and farming."Twice the Luck"

The Lucky Ladybugs Rug is for indoor or outdoor use. The Ladybug Rug by Jellybean, "washes better than your jeans." Wash the Ladybug Rug over and over again to keep it looking new. The ladybug floor rug measures 22" by 34". 35% of the material is made from recycled post consumer PET plastic. Use this colorful rug in a child's playroom, in the kitchen, and at the back door. Bóín Dé is an Irish Gaelic translation of 'ladybug', and literally means 'God's little cow.' Visit the LadyBug Shop for more unique facts and fantasies about ladybugs!

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