Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making a Ladybug From Balloons

If you have agile fingers, like to entertain people and are not afraid of popping balloons, try making ladybugs out of balloons at your next ladybug theme party.  Kids are fascinated watching a ladybug being created out of a few simple balloons.  A great way to learn how to "twist" balloons is by watching videos on your computer.  You can find several good videos showing how to do make a really cute ladybug on YouTube.

People who create animals and other things out of balloons are called Twisters, Balloon Benders or Balloon Artists.  In many areas you can find someone who does this professionally and you can hire them to entertain at your party.  A good Web source for learning about balloon twisting and one that has a directory for local professional twisters is BalloonHQ.

But there is no reason you can't "twist" ladybugs out of balloons yourself - with a lot of practice.  Of course it is also best to have the right materials.  Balloons that are good for twisting are specially made and can be ordered on the Web or purchased in party shops.  You will notice in most videos that balloons are referred to by numbers.  (For example, the most common size of twisting balloons is called a "260", as it is approximately two inches in diameter and 60 inches in length.)   Balloon twisting as a form of entertainment has been traced back to 1939.

So get some balloons and be the star of your next party.  But don't forget to put in some practice time beforehand!

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