Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Releasing Live Ladybugs in Your Garden

Here in lovely downtown Milford, Delaware we just had our 9th Annual Bug & Bud Festival.  And as they have every year since the Festival began our wonderful friends at Ladies in Red ( link to in Bend, Oregon sent the LadyBug Shop a carton of live ladybugs to distribute during the Festival.  They do this completely free of charge to us - they even pay for the postage!  In turn we give the packets of ladybugs out to families attending the Festival.  As always this was a big hit.

If you have not released live ladybugs in your garden before, you might want to see what to expect.  The Creative Salad ( link to http://www.thecreativesalad.com/2012/04/24/the-ladybug-release/ ) just ran a nice story with pictures describing the process.  You need to be patient if you are releasing the ladybugs to rid your garden of aphids.  While the ladybugs you release will likely disperse quickly, you need only a few to set up housekeeping in your garden. Both the adult ladybug and the young larva have a ravenous appetite for aphids.  An adult can eat fifty aphids in a day and a larva can eat twenty five!

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