Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back to Basics and Fundamentals


Hello Everyone –

Well the Ladybug Shop is in transition. We gave the shop on Madeira Way a good try, but the customers just weren’t there. The walk-in traffic was fantastic – the buyers not so much. AND – our landlord played a little “I’m going to raise your rent $200’s” game with us – soooooooo – we’ve decided that the Ladybug Shop needs to just rely on its online customers for a while. It’s best all around – and you have to come to a point when you say to yourself, “this just isn’t working” and pull back for a bit. Not forever – just a bit. Besides - $200 extra a month is a big sticker to meet.  So we’ll be concentrating on getting back to basics and fundamentals online – really focusing on Facebook – Twitter and Linkedin. Trying to upgrade the website – be more consistent with the blogs and newsletters.  And develop the relationships we have there and hopefully build new.

Speaking of getting back to basics – we also have decided that, as much as we enjoy the frogs and butterflies – they just didn’t do as well as we’d hoped. Which means that we’re marking them all down and will now only be offering ladybug and turtle items on our website. Make sure you visit www.ladybug-shop.com to check out the items that we’re discontinuing.

Now – with these new changes we’ll be able to really focus on fulfilling some of the goals that we placed on ourselves at the first of the year. We wanted to create some specific art for the shop as well as write a book series and we wanted to upgrade the website – possibly creating an app. We’ve been so busy chasing our tails that we haven’t had time to even start those projects. The hope is that now that we’ve downsized – the time and inspiration will come. Wish us luck. =)

Well – that’s all for now. We hope that you’re all well !

Christopher and David

As always – if you mention this blog post in the note section of your order we’ll give you an additional 10% off your purchase – not including shipping yet on top of any other discount.

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