Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ladybugs at the Hospital

I started collecting ladybugs in 2000 because that was the year my mother died. She was on the 11th floor of the hospital in Orlando,Florida dying from a brain hemmorage. It was during January and we found it odd that her bed and room were crawling with ladybugs. We didn't mind them because we all loved ladybugs so we left them alone. However, I asked the nurse if this was unusual and she said that they were only on the 11th floor, the home of the terminally ill.We also had a young teacher at our school die shortly thereafter. She, too, had a terminal illness. Outside her classroom were all these ladybugs. We did not find any of them anywhere else on campus. One day I heard a young woman ask a psychic or "gifted" guest on a talk show ask if they knew any relationship between people dying and ladybugs. She said it meant that everything was ready for them on the other side. All of my friends, family, and students have been buying me ladybugs ever since. I must say I have had a very blessed life.

--Barbara Thames

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