Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute Ladybug Product Design

Designer's love the shape of the ladybug and they have put it to many uses. One such design that has won its creators many awards recently is the Ladybug i-Pod/i-Phone dock and speaker system from Vestalife. This adorable creation has is both practical and beautiful. When closed for carrying it is a compact 5.4-by-5.6-inch ball that resembles an overgrown ladybug with closed wings. When you open it up, the speakers fan out, exposing the docking area, and the device looks ready to fly off. It has a unique rubberized coat of paint that helps make this two pound speaker easy for kids to carry without dropping. The Ladybug has a built-in subwoofer and digital amp, full video-out, an audio-in jack to connect other devices and a USB port for syncing your iPod with your PC. It can be operated by batteries or an AC connection. In addition to the standard colors of silver and red, the Ladybug is also available with Element Skateboard artist–designed prints. Even the website ( is fun.

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