Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Friend Eebee

A few days ago I walked into the LadyBug Shop and saw that Zoe had placed one of our newest products -- the Eebee doll -- on the counter to greet customers. Beside it was a sign saying 'Hi, I'm Eebee. I'm Dan's friend.' I was delighted, because I think Eebee is the greatest toy for toddlers that I have seen recently.

I first met Eebee at the International Gift Show in New York. I was walking past the Every Baby, Inc. booth and could not help but smiling when I saw the delightful Eebee dolls that filled it. I immediately decided that Eebee would be one of our new 'Ladybug Friends' and that we needed spread the word about this great new child development toy.

Customers visiting the LadyBug Shop recently have shared my enthusiasm about Eebee. Everyone agrees that the style, color, texture and quality of the dolls are tops. But what makes Eebee really special are the accompanying line of DVDs and toys that are being developed using Eebee to help parents and infants communicate and play together.

If you want to learn more about Eebee and the early childhood development tools being created with it, you should watch this video:


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stephen Gass said...

Dan and Zoe-- welcome to the "famileebee!" We're delighted to hear that eebee is learning to play nicely with the ladybugs! Thanks for the feedback and for helping us to spread the word about our award-winning "baby" and our approach to developmental play.

Stephen Gass
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