Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Spring Break!

If like my son your children are on spring break by Monday your kids will be bored stiff after the excitement of Easter has passed and the candy is eaten. So be prepared with some ladybug crafts! Some of the easiest crafts you can do is with a rock from your garden. Paint the rock the color of your choice, I prefer red, of course, use a sharpie for spots and glue on some googly eyes! Or if you want to use paper plates you can use red and black plates to make a ladybug or color your design on white plates. This is an especially great spring decoration for your refrigerator!

If you want to be a little bit more creative play dress up by making your own ladybug costume! The Bug & Bud Festival is on April 24th, and there is a $100 prize for the best ladybug costume and the best tree costume, so be creative! View a list of costume ideas on our website to get your creative juices flowing. Make a ladybug foam visor to keep the sun off your face. Make a ladybug costume from a paper bag! Or watch this video courtesy of HGTV on how to make a Ladybug or Turtle Costume. Have fun on Spring Break! And be sure to be in your fun ladybug costumes for the Bug & Bud Parade!

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