Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello from the Ladybug Shop.

So it’s been a few months since the retail space of the Ladybug Shop closed. Since then, we have been really concentrating on making the online store and our service to our customers that much better. Granted it has been a bit of a challenge with the US Postal Service, FedEx and UPS but we’re getting there. Just a little FYI – they thought that we had moved or closed down completely, so many of our vendor orders were returned and our mail stopped. But finally we’re getting things back to normal.
One of the other things that we’ve attacked is the over flow of stock and the items that have been discontinued by many of our vendors. Which means that the “Special Sale” tab on the website has grown by leap and bounds, when you get a moment – check it out and the prices along with – we have really marked down a great deal.

As we continue to push this stock out the door we are doing our best to find new and interesting Ladybug – Turtle and Frog items to offer. Slowlu but surely we’re getting there. THANK YOU – for your understanding.
With these changes, David is continuing to be creative and add his artistic talents to some of the items in stock. An example would be the new red ladybug canvas bags. He has painted a yellow sunflower on the bag with a cute ladybug front and center. Christopher is continuing to enjoy searching for new Ladybug – Turtle and Frog photos to share on Facebook and Twitter. He has also decided to start a group on Linkedin “Ladybug Lovers”. If you’re interested feel free to look him up.

As always – continue to look for our posts on the above sites, and our online newsletters and E-Blasts.
Thank you for catching the bug !!!

Be lucky ~
Christopher and David

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