Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Ladybug Lovers –

We’re looking for some feedback on a possible idea that we have. We were thinking of developing a catalog of ALL or MANY of our items and then creating a “Ladybug Party”, somewhat like a Pampered Chef party.  We were thinking of starting here in Milford, since it’s local and the retail space is now closed, it would give the members of the community to shop without shipping cost. If it works out – we would then venture out to other locations.
The party would run like this. We would bring a small sampling of items so the attendees would have an idea about some of the products we carry. We would hand out the catalogs with order forms and let the guests order from the catalog or our website. Once orders were placed we could either arrange for pick-up or shipment. Hopefully the host would have party treats like every good hostess would. We would offer specials on some items and offer the host/hostess a percentage off of their order based on the amount the party drew in.

So the questions to you are – do you think that it would be something that YOU would attend? Would you have a party such as this? Do you have suggestions to add to the party idea? We’re very excited to hear from you and would love your input. We’re thinking that it would be great to get this started sometime in late October. We could make it a great opportunity for the Christmas Season.

Thanks in advance for you opinion and ideas.
Christopher and David

And Lastly – if you mention this blog in your order we’ll give you an extra 15% off your entire order.

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Pat Sparks said...

Great idea. I used to sell Tupperware (stop laughing C & D), so I would love to host one of these parties for you!!!

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