Thursday, May 22, 2014

GREAT NEWS - A New Store for the Ladybug Shop !


Legends vary about how the Ladybug came to be named, but the most common (and enduring) is this:   In Europe, during the Middle Ages, swarms of insects were destroying the crops.  The farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help.  Soon thereafter the Ladybugs came, devouring the plant-destroying pests and saving the crops!  The farmers called these beautiful insects "The Beetles of Our Lady", and - over time - they eventually became popularly known as "Lady Beetles".  The red wings were said to represent the Virgin's cloak and the black spots were symbolic of both her joys and her sorrows.

GREAT NEWS !! This morning we signed a lease on a new store location here in Madeira Beach, FL. Luckily it’s about 6 blocks away on Gulf Blvd – so within walking distance. There is some work to be done to the place and we have to Ladybug and Turtle it up, not to mention David and Christopher it up, but we hope to open as early as June 16th, but will obviously keep you posted.

In our new space we found an informational flyer about the Virgin Mary. Which is why we opened with the story that connects the Ladybug and the Virgin Mary together. Big smiles, we’re hoping that this is a sign and will bring us good luck and much success.  

Before and after pictures will be coming soon and most likely posted on Facebook and Twitter so check us out.

As always, mention this blog and it’s contents in the note section of your order and we’ll give you an additional 10% off your entire order (not including shipping).

Be lucky,

Christopher and David

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