Thursday, May 8, 2014

We made it !!!

Hello Ladybugs and Turtles from Sunny Florida!

A brief update to bring everyone up to speed….

We have successfully made the move to Florida. We’ve hit the ground running and are in the process of securing a retail space to begin our new adventure.  Our hope is to stay close to the water in the Madeira Beach area, to expand our product lines and change our overall look which includes a new logo. We are planning on partnering with local sea life organizations to enhance our Turtle Treasures line.  We are excited and looking forward to this opportunity.  Further details forthcoming.

We would like to thank all you loyal customers and followers for your understanding and patience during this transitional growth.  In addition to all of you, we are really looking forward to making new friends down here as well as finding more ladybug and turtle lovers alike. 

Please continue to receive our newsletter to find great offers.  As usual, mention this blog in the notes of your orders and receive an additional 10% off your entire order.

Be lucky!

Christopher & David

Please take note of our new email address and telephone number


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